I was first introduced to the blog Spinach and Yoga approximately a year ago. Nadya Andreeva, wellness coach and the blogger of Spinach and Yoga, always provides her readers with interesting, relevant healthy lifestyle and nutrition tips. She also shares delicious recipes on a regular basis. Since I have become a big fan of her work, I wanted to offer Nadya the chance to collaborate with Dharma Wanderlust.

I put together a short list of questions for Nadya to answer, as a special introduction for you, our followers, to Nadya’s work. And here’s the video with Nadya’s responses.

Watch the video and then head over to Spinach and Yoga to enter your name in a giveaway contest for a chance to win a Dharma Wanderlust ‘Choose Love’ necklace: http://www.spinachandyoga.com/holiday-giveaways/

Here’s one for all the fans of The Hunger Games trilogy:


Say what you will about The Hunger Games books and movies, I admire Jennifer Lawrence and her healthy body image. And as a devoted yoga girl who loves to meet healthy, vibrant, beautiful people who are comfortable in their own skin, the above quote is a breath of fresh air.

When Pawel told me about The Hunger Games after having read the books, I was skeptical. But I confess that watching the first film left me intrigued and I’m looking forward to the next installment, opening this weekend.

You may be wondering about the purpose of this post and where it’s leading. Since we, at Dharma Wanderlust, have become fans of THG, we went as far as creating a one-of-a-kind custom mocking jay pendant. Ta-da:


We usually only make custom-designed pieces by request. So, this is a special necklace that is still waiting for a lucky owner. 🙂 Interested? Contact us for information: info@dharmawanderlust.com

Enjoy the film and make some time this weekend to go outside!

XO Katia (Dharma Wanderlust)