So, you’ve looked at, and maybe even have worn our jewellery and think it’s awesome. Right? What you may not know is how unique each piece truly is, and how much love we put into designing and crafting each and every item. Curious? Allow us to take you on a tour of our home studio and explain the process we use to craft the jewellery!Image

The first detail you may observe is that Pawel is shockingly handsome we do, in fact, work out of the car garage that is attached to our house! Yes, that is what constitutes our studio space. Voila! Nothing fancy, but it serves our needs. Thankfully, we have a great space heater, which helps to keep us warm in the middle of the chilly Ontario winter.

Our design process is often what we refer to as ‘organic’ — a ubiquitous term that, nevertheless, effectively describes the unstructured creative process we use. This is particularly true of Katia, who loves natural, easily flowing forms. When we receive each delivery of the gorgeous, carefully sourced (read: sustainably grown) wood, we love to hold it in our hands and notice its natural properties. Based on the appearance of the wood, we decide what to do next and how the finished piece will look. At other times, we decide on a design in advance and either hand-draw it onto the wood or sketch it on the computer and print out the final design, to be transferred onto the wood. This latter process is favoured by Pawel, who is a natural engineer and careful planner. We then hand-cut the piece individually (which means each piece of Dharma Wanderlust jewellery is unique in many ways). The majority of the wooden jewellery and other wooden items on the market are laser-cut. Hand-cutting takes additional time and effort. When we inlay the piece or glue several pieces of wood together to create a design, the inlay/gluing process comes next.


Next, we sand the piece using ever-finer grits of sandpaper.Image

Finally, we polish the piece several times, and apply natural wax for lasting shine.


And the result is one that we hope you will continue to love!

So, as we hope you can see, we truly love what we do and infuse all our designs with love. Our intention is for you to enjoy wearing each unique piece we create for many, many years to come.

In our next blog post, we’ll tell you more about ourselves. So, if you have questions for us, feel free to send them our way! Simply leave a comment here, or connect with us via

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