Make a wish! Dandelions are FUN. I also enjoy using yellow dandelions to make head wreaths. It was one of my favourite summertime activities in childhood.

The warmer weather has been making me feel more flirty, pretty, playful, feminine, reminding me to rise toward the hot sun and sway with the cool breeze, to say YES to life.


Over the past few weeks, I have noticed an interesting shift in my interests. I have been returning to my needlepoint crafts after a longer-than-intended hiatus.


Gorgeous tulips in my parents-in-law’s tranquil garden. 

I have also been changing the way I approach exercise. In the winter, I became very focused on masculine HIIT-style workouts and wanted to challenge myself by turning up the intensity. These days, I put on my favourite music and allow my body to move, inviting the vibration to rise through the soles of my feet and up, moving through me.


I am starting to return back to my favourites when it comes to exercise, focusing on dance (including hooping), yoga, and pilates. Although I love to walk, my current living and work situation does not present me with frequent opportunities to walk to different destinations, and I miss the days when I used to walk my older son to and from school. However, I have been making the time to go for leisurely walks with my family.


Enjoying a quiet morning at the zoo before the crowds arrived.


Walking in my favourite new — light and feminine — shoes.

The warmer days call for flowing skirts and sun dresses, soft pastels that mirror the cherry and lilac blossoms. I find that, over the past few years, I have been embracing these feminine colours, textures, and patterns more and more. It might have something to do with the fact that I am the only human woman in a household of males (we do have two female cats).


Lilacs are my favourite flowers, and they stay in bloom for only a short time, which gives me one more reason to get outside and enjoy them. I never pluck them off the bush, as they just don’t have the same effect when displayed indoors in a vase. 

So, here’s to spending more time outdoors, to dancing, to making time to craft and create, to giving ourselves permission to lounge and relax, to making time for ourselves.


Here are two links I love:

10 Ways to Ban Busy {and Still Get Stuff Done!} by Left Brain Buddha

I have been following the Left Brain Buddha blog for some time now and enjoy the real-life advice from a Mindful mother to other parents working to lead a more Mindful lifestyle. Another way of embracing the Divine Feminine is to cut out the tendency to be ‘busy and important.’ Instead, I have been working to simplify and make time for LIFE, to let go of rigid rules and expectations, to cut back on my ‘to do’ list, and create opportunities to do what brings me pleasure.

Getting Along Fine Without Me by Karen Maezen Miller

I have been following Karen Maezen Miller since first reading her book Momma Zen. This is a beautiful, poignant essay for every parent who has pondered the conflicting concept of attachment (or non-attachment). I enjoy the point of view of a perfectly imperfect parent, and the final line will stay with me for a long time: “No one ever notices when a flower has fulfilled its purpose in life, just as no one ever regrets a moment lost to love.”


Last photo of flowers. I promise! I hope you have enjoyed this visual treat.

Wishing you a glorious, warm and breezy week ahead! And remember to enjoy life’s many treats!

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